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The Relaunch

Welcome back! Thank you so much for enduring this scary and challenging time with me.  I have never been afraid to admit when I am fearful and I can’t wait to share what I had to overcome to see this to completion. I dreamed up this relaunch in two thousand thirteen and it took me over three years to do it, but had I started three years ago it would’ve been much different for so many reasons.


When I met Darius (my boyfriend) we dreamed up a lot of trips to take, and we’ve gone to most of the places we dreamed of. One of the trips we discussed was to go camping in Marfa, TX.  Every six months or so the conversation of Marfa would resurface, but we just couldn’t seem to make it happen.  Because I believe in fate and fairy dust, it makes me believe in perfect timing. Marfa was being reserved for a greater purpose.  The original location was different, but then Darius said, “Why don’t you just do it in Marfa.”  I sat in silence for about two seconds and then the vision started unraveling.  I began looking for hotels and airbnb came to mind.  I found “my” infamous pink house there and Keri (our host) was extremely accommodating from the moment I booked the stay to the moment we returned to Dallas (she sent a “hope you made it home safely” message).  I tried to turn around so many times, for so many reasons.  Darius couldn’t go with me, the relaunch started to become more costly than I originally planned, the makeup artist I wanted was booked, I was running out of time….so many bumps in our road, but there was absolutely no going back.  A week before the shoot was to take place I texted my friend Danel (Vicieux) and explained that I had no one to help me with wardrobe and makeup, and without hesitation he was in.  Marfa was happening and there was nothing to stop it.

The Shoot…

Ironically my photographer, Cameron Lee Phan, is one of the first models I ever worked with.  I didn’t choose him for that reason, but because he is one of the greatest editorial photographers I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.  Considering this was my first time in front of a professional camera I was mortified.  I made my guys promise to not let me come across awkward.  When we started I was worried about so many things. Did I look fat?  How does one camouflage knocked knees?  My lips do this weird thing when I’m uncomfortable, will they catch that? Sometimes I smile too hard and my eyes crinkle. However, by the time we arrived to the second location I was rocking and rolling.  By the final location we were completely satisfied.  Marfa turned out to be more than perfect and I had not yet discovered why.

The Relaunch…

I dare not bore you with a list of details of what all went into making this site what you see today.  However, I will publicly apologize to the love of my life for the extra teary moments of frustration and the lashing out that took place when I felt I couldn’t make this happen.  We survived…again.  This perfectly imperfect process was another moment where God showed me that if I trusted Him and did the work assigned to me, everything would be accomplished better than I imagined.  When I hired Cameron Lee Phan, my intention was not geared towards an editorial shoot.  I wanted normal blogger photos.  However, since the beginning of my career I’ve been an editorial stylist and writer.  God made sense of it all when I viewed the proofs.  This new site is a direct reflection of who I’ve always been, who I am and who I am to become.


One of my mantras has always been “forward”.  When life becomes hard and even unbearable, we can always look forward.  I am grateful to be able to begin again, and I am gracious that you decided to join me.  TJC has always focused on fashion that is to come.  I take pride in my gift of keeping my readers ahead of the trend curves.  So, that will continue.  You can also expect more personal style, travel and lifestyle articles.  Our store is for YOU. We’ve priced our items affordably for you to always have the capability of finding awesome pieces at great prices.  We are open to suggestions. So, if there is something you want to see more of please click the “contact” link above.  We love hearing from our readers.  Now, go out into the world and show everyone your magical style.  Wear what you like with no fear.  They’re just clothes.

January 9, 2017
January 12, 2017


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    Tazia Alexa

    January 12, 2017

    Bomb!!!!!!!! Go girl go!!!!!🦄

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    Dominique aka Nina

    January 12, 2017

    ❤ it!

    – A forever fan and supporter.

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    January 12, 2017

    Not only do I love you and your personal style, but I adore your writing. You are so talented. Wishing you all the best with TJC and everything else coming your way!


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    January 12, 2017

    Cuz I’m super proud of you and what you’re doing very inspiring keep it up boo love you💋💋💋💯💙✅☑