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Who Is Maye Musk & Why Is She The New Face Of James Perse? 

  • Neki Bosh
  • Style
  • Jun 14, 2016

“I love to say at 68, I am only just beginning!”  ~ Maye Musk

Fascinatingly enough, Maye Musk is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who has run her own nutrition business for over forty years in eight cities and three countries. Maye has also been a professional model for more than five decades with her modeling career beginning in Pretoria and Johannesburg at the age of 15. Some modeling jobs have taken her to Cape Town, London, Munich, Amsterdam, Zurich, The Bahamas, Montreal and Toronto. Her New York magazine cover won best magazine cover in the USA. You may recognize Maye from Revlon commercials, and you may have also seen her in Beyonce’s Haunted video.


Her latest campaign is for the James Perse Fall 2016 collection. The traditional James Perse imagery has relied less on personalities and more on young, anonymous-looking models in beachy settings, or even just the product on its own. According to WWD, a company spokesperson noted that the 20-year-old brand is trying to change customers’ expectations from the young beach set to underscore it has clients of all ages and ethnicities. Maye was the perfect choice to represent this change. Her story, much like the James Perse brand, is classic, sophisticated and timeless. We are extremely inspired by this beauty, as she is also an incredible mind.  Thanks for reminding us all that age really is only a number.

Below are images from the James Perse Fall 2016 campaign. Click here to shop the collection.  Click here for more of the beautiful Maye Musk!



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