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The 37th Chapter ~ Ten Things I Dare Not Say

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The 37th Chapter

Every year I not only get older, I get a bit wiser.  In all that “wiseness”, I  discover something new about myself and the life I’ve lived thus far .  So, I decided to compile a list of the top ten things I’ve discovered, but dare not say!  Thirty seven is as good a time as ever to not only express who I am, but reveal who I am not!  I truly hope you enjoy! (inserts bday fireworks here) ~xxxooo

1. Give it your all, but keep some for yourself.  

Feel free to be selfish.  If you give everything you have to everyone and everything you do, when you need recharging you will come up empty.  Save something for you!

2. Heartbreak is worse than a toothache.

There is no medication to soothe a broken heart.  I’ve had many and the best thing I’ve ever done was created “The Process”.  I allow myself a few days to cry, a couple of days of anger and then I have to get over it.  I force myself through.

3. Even the ones who seem to have it all together doesn’t have it all together.

Social media has made it extremely easy to fool the masses.  The truth is every person (successful and dreaming) have the same heart desires…love, family and prosperity.

4. Yesterday is your only competition.

Don’t ever focus on another person’s progress.  It is highly possible you will never know all the sacrifices they made.  Your only focus should be becoming better than the person you were yesterday.

5. I’m not sure if I love sex more than chocolate or chocolate more than sex.

After eating an entire bag of miniature Hershey’s chocolate bars I realized I was missing something in my life. LOL – But, the way I enjoyed that chocolate…. I couldn’t help but wonder which I loved more.  Could I ever give up one for the other?

6. I failed.  I did not die.

Failure is an inevitable part of success.  It happens to the best of the best.  However, failure is not the end.  You pick up and you start again. Period.

7. I hate clothes.

They end up on my floor and my closet won’t stay clean.  Never mind. I love clothes.  I’ll gladly sacrifice my floor and my closet for more clothes.

8. A girl never forgets her first love.

This was my “ah-ha” discovery at thirty-seven.  Although the second and fifth were wonderful people, no girl ever forgets her first love.  As silly as it may seem, that was one of the most influential relationships I’ve ever had.  It helped structure the expectations for future relationships.  Considering I’m still single, I am unsure of whether or not the influence was good or bad.  Let’s just revisit this one at age forty.

9. Martin is my favorite.

People hear me talk about how I watch Martin every night.  It has become a joke to many.  “Neki Bosh and her Martin.”  The truth behind it is, laughter can cure many of our heart’s woes.  When I discovered that the Martin show made me smile even when I didn’t want to, I made it a point to watch it at least once per day.  Your show may not be Martin, but you should definitely fit comedy in once per day.

10. My life isn’t perfect, but my life is perfect.

I’ve made many mistakes.  I’ve cried tons of buckets of tears.  But, I’ve loved with my whole heart.  My children turned out to be decent human beings, and my mother will still cross the earth for me.  So, although I’m certainly not where I hope to be, I’m grateful for where I am.  I’m grateful to God for who I’ve become.

Neki B. ~ The 37th Chapter

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    January 12, 2017

    Glad to see you up and running again. Salute to the relaunch, and I wish you nothing but #BlessUps.

    P.S. Martin is the GOAT of sitcoms. Every single time I watch with bated breath as if I don’t know every episode word for word. Great choice….


    P.S.S If you ever need me I’m at your disposal….