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Alexander Wang For H&M ~ You vs. The Machine

  • Neki Bosh
  • Style
  • Oct 16, 2014

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“It was such an enriching and valuable experience working with a company like H&M.” ~ Alexander Wang for H&M


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We will simply call this the day that  yoga pants lived!  Alexander Wang has taken sports-fashion to a level we have never experienced before.  Even the hippest sports-chic fashionistas of the 90’s couldn’t compare with what happened when the world of H&M clashed with the Wang -iverse.  The campaign leading to the release of this incredible launch was nothing shy of brilliant.  I literally ran up the stairs to my apartment and danced around while my computer loaded.  I have not been this excited by a runway show (or track-way show) in quite some time.  The anticipation had every creative heart sitting on the edge of our seats drooling for what Alexander Wang was serving, and the end result was quite fulfilling.  The entire thirty two minutes and twenty two seconds met my every expectation.  The black carpet was filled with the who’s who of both NYC and Hollywood such as Solange Knowles, Kate Mara, Mary J. Blige, Sharaya J, Justin Theroux and many more.  At the end of the show I imagine the diverse crowd quietly chanting, “Long live Alexander Wang [The Great].  I most certainly did.  Below is a visual recap of the show.  I truly hope you ENJOY.  And I will see you on November 6th at H&M!  ~ xxxooo