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The Rich Hipster ~ An Intimate Moment With Chrisette Michele

I have great pride in the fact that I am a bonafied fan of Chrisette Michele.  Many people would ask why this is something to be proud of.  I’m so proud because not only is Chrisette Michele a phenomenal recording artist, but she is an individual who takes risks according to her own measure.  There is a great level of respect to be had for a modern risk taker.  I had an opportunity to join 99 other bloggers for (what I would call) an inspiring teleconference with Chrisette Michelle in celebration of the launch of her highly anticipated lifestyle blog, Rich Hipster, which I am completely in love with.  The site is filled with everything from Chrisette’s effortless street style to her personal thoughts on cappuccino.

We had an opportunity to not only discuss the launch of Rich Hipster, but we were also given an intimate view of  Chris – the flower child.  Chris, like most of us only longs to firmly place her feet in the sand of this world and say, “I am here.”  And, with great stride, she has done just that.  By the close of the teleconference, which was fascinatingly informative, I was only able to utter one word concerning the artist and that word was “intriguing”.   I would like to personally thank Chrisette Michele (the ULTIMATE Rich Hipster) for taking the time to speak with us.  It was definitely a memorable experience!  Below are some excerpts from the teleconference, and I REALLY hope you guys enjoy! ~ xxxooo

TJC: In our day & age the term “diva” is used so loosely. We used to define our divas by the Diana Ross’ of the world. How do you define the term “diva”?

CM: I’m so glad you asked that question. I agree with you 100%.  Diana Ross was one of my favorite divas who I studied in college.  When I got asked to be on the TV show, R&B Divas, I said like “God, I don’t know if I want to have to call myself that”, because now the word “diva” has such a negative stigma attached to it. So, I do know what you’re saying, and I understand the history of the term “diva”.  I don’t take it lightly, and I try to carry myself accordingly. But at the end of the day we’re all human and we all make mistakes.  But I don’t think it’s nice to be a b-i-t-c-h and refer to that as a diva.


You can listen and download the full recording of the call here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/m0itxs8a9n59p3f/RHPressConference0819.mp3
01:07 – 1) What is your opinion on plus size blogging and fashion?
02:19 – 2) What kind of experience do want your visitors to have on RichHipster.biz?
03:23 – 3) What advice do want to give to those who want find their own style and gain confidence?
05:14 – 4) You promote women’s positivity, what happened in your life that made you want to take an active role in that?
06:38 – 5) Diva is used so loosely, how do you define the term “Diva?”
07:55 – 6) During your downtime, what do you like to do with your girls in NY?
09:23 – 7) What challenges have you encountered since going natural?
10:40  – 8) How do you stay true to yourself while maintaining your fan base?
12:05 – 9) Who are your mentors and how did you find them?
13:30 – 10) How do you rise above the trends/expectations of the music industry while still staying relevant?
15:46 – 11) What beauty/makeup products you absolutely cannot live without?
17:40 – 12) Being a natural girl, how do you find guys react to your hair?
19:00 – 13) Do you have advice for women entrepreneurs?
20:32 – 14) What is the geekiest thing about you?
21:25 – 15) What are 3 of your top vintage/thrifted pieces?
23:37 – 16) Will someone be rapping on The Lyricists’ Opus?
25:17 – 17) What’s your passion, in terms of what to sing and create?
27:00 – 18) Do you face challenges with The Lyricists’ Opus because R&B Divas LA gets so much negativity?
29:04 – 19) What’s your favorite thing to throw on? What’s fave lip?
30:22 – 20) On R&B Divas LA you tried to get the girls to go to therapy but some were reserved, why do you think there’s a stigma placed on going to therapy?
33:50 – 21) What are some of your methods for staying focused on your projects?
35:54 – 22) What mood will The Lyricists’ Opus have?
38:10 – 23) If you weren’t an artist, what career path would you choose?
39:38 – 24) What advice would you give to those getting started with the vegan lifestyle?
41:23 – 25) What advice would you give Millennials breaking into the music industry?
43:45 – 26) What was your inspiration for The Lyricists’ Opus?
46:00 – 27) As a new fashion stylist, how do I get musicians as clients?
47:23 – 28) What do you listen to? What’s on your ipod?
49:00 – 29) Reality TV..  one way it has hindered your brand? one way it has excelled your brand?
51:00 – 30) How do you determine who you want to collaborate with? And is a version of “I Know, Right” coming out with you on the track?
53:25 – 31) What’s your favorite wine?
54:34 – 32) People with brown skin have become threatening to others, how can we change our mentality and come together as a community?
58:17 – 33) As a handbag designer, how can I get my bags into the hands of celebrities? How would you want to be approached?
59:48 – 34) Did you have to take additional supplements because you stopped eating meat?
1:01:30 – 35) What inspires you to make music that inspires me?
1:02:57 – 36) What did you do to get out of bad relationships?
1:05:30 – 37) What piece of advice would you give to empower women?
1:07:23 – 38) How was the transformation from vegetarian to vegan?
Would you go back to eating meat?
Have you thought about creating vegan products?
1:11:43 – 39) How did you get your name Chrisette?
1:12:39 – 40) What places outside of the U.S. do you enjoy traveling to?
1:14:37 – 41) Where in the world were you shocked you had a large fan base?
1:17:03 – 42) What would Chrisette today, tell Chrisette that just started out in your career?
1:18:39 – 43)  How do you deal with negativity and not be easily offended?