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The 10 Most Dreamy Valentine’s Day Gifts

  • Neki Bosh
  • Style
  • Feb 5, 2018

Every year since we’ve started dating my love asks me what I want for Valentine’s Day and I always reply, “It doesn’t matter. Whatever you want to get me.” I’m comfortable with that reply because I’m fortunate enough to be with a man who is the greatest gift giver. He pays attention to even the smallest daily details, then he stores the information and uses it when it’s time for him to be amazing. But, for the guy who gets that answer and thinks “what in hell does that mean”, I have listed the 10 most dreamy “somethings” that most women always want beyond the normal chocolate, teddy bears and roses.

1). Perfume –

The top perfume of this season is Tom Ford’s Fucking Fabulous

2). Shoes –

No man can ever go wrong with the gift of Chanel, and the shoe (sneaker) of the season is

the Chanel hightop sneaker.



3). A Handbag –

Again, no man can go wrong with a gift from Chanel.


4). Skincare Products –

There is nothing more beautiful than healthy skin, and every woman loves great skincare products. One of the best skincare products I’ve used is Goop’s Exfoliating Instant Facial mask. With organic ingredients, the mask instantly brightens and softens skin to reveal a glowing, smoother-looking complexion.

5). Makeup –

It’s no secret that girls love makeup. My dream makeup is the Pat McGrath Mothership IV: Decadence eyeshadow palette.

6). Customized Roses –

Guys, if you are going with flowers, go ahead and buy the very special-very dreamy customized roses guys!

7). Champagne –

Okay, short story. I experienced my very first Cirque du Soleil (Joya) in Cancun, Mexico. My love surprised me with the VIP Experience and he upgraded the champagne to Veuve Cliquot Rich and it was DELICIOUS. It is my absolute FAVORITE champagne. The signature notes in Veuve Cliquot Rich include grapefruit zest, cucumber, and pineapple. Again, it is delicious. So, guys…impress her. Order this champagne NOW! You will be rewarded.

8). Breakfast at Tiffany’s –

I’m a huge Audrey Hepburn fan and one of my favorite movies is “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. Well, you can now actually HAVE breakfast at Tiffany’s on the 4th floor of the NY flagship store. Dreamy, right? If this was a gift for me I would love my man forever and ever and ever. I would never forget it. Throw in a copy of the movie guys and you’ll have a complete win!

9). Jewelry –

Speaking of Tiffany’s, every girl loves a little blue box. Jewelry is always an amazing gift and anything from Tiffany’s is just fabulous.

10). A Candlelight Dinner Prepared By You –

One of the most romantic things a man can do is cook for the woman he loves. Contrary to popular belief, women love food. LOL – At least the women I know. So a man in the kitchen is very sexy and downright dreamy. This year, instead of the normal hustle and bustle of fighting for reservations at the popular restaurants, cook her favorite meal, light some candles and put all electronic devices away.

January 24, 2018

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    February 5, 2018

    First Awf, You Look AMAZING!!! #IssaSnack

    Secondly, THE. BEST. LIST. EVER. I’m going to forward this list to my Guy!! Stat!!


    Much Love!! XOXO