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5 Essentials To Pack For A Beach Vacation

  • Neki Bosh
  • Travel
  • Aug 24, 2017

This is truly the summer of vacations for us.  We’ve been to Honolulu, Cancun, Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta and Jamaica! My favorite vacations always include a beach. So, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite travel essentials with you all.  It took years for me to realize the importance of enjoying the moment. Vacation for me used to mean tons of picture-perfect moments to flaunt on social media. That was until I went swimming in the Pacific ocean in a full face of makeup and the entire moment was ruined by burning eyes and a Homey The Clown-esq face. I realized then how ridiculous it was for me to miss amazing life-moments for a photo op. I also realized that I work entirely too hard to not actually VACATION when I’m on vacation. So, my travel bag has become surprisingly light. I can typically go on a weekend trip with a carry on and a back pack. With that in mind, here are the five things I never travel without.  I also managed to capture a few flicks.  Enjoy!

  • My Favorite Travel Moisturizer:
    • I rarely pack more than face powder, blush and lipstick for a beach vacation. That’s because I rarely wear more than those 3 things. So, I make sure to pack a great face cleanser and moisturizer. My all time favorite moisturizer for travel is Dr Sebagh Luminous Glow Cream. It is a radiance boosting complexion perfector that literally leaves your skin glowing. It’s perfect for those no-makeup days.
  • Swimwear, Swimwear and More Swimwear:
    • I still do some light shopping for great vacation clothes. However, I find myself shopping more for swimwear. I typically pack 2 swimsuits per day. That may seem a bit extreme, but I love choices, and even the prettiest ocean can leave you feeling quite dirty. I’m not a huge fan of online shopping (you guys know how I feel about touching and feeling my clothes), but I am a fan of the swimwear from Miss Guided. The choices are cute, super affordable and the sizes range from 0-12.
  • Amazing Sandals:
    • I typically pack 2 pairs of sandals in addition to whatever shoe I decide to fly in.  But for more than a year, I’ve  never traveled without my Saint Laurent Rainbow Flip Flops. Ironically, they match everything. If you can get away with just 1 or 2 pairs of sandals it will make your beach vacation so much better.
  • Killer Sunglasses:
    • I travel with at least 3 pairs of sunglasses. However, lately I’ve been stuck on one amazing pair and that’s non-other than the great OFF-WHITE  c/o VIRGIL ABLOH x Warby Parker sunglasses in large! Thank me later…or thank the world’s greatest gift giver, Darius. These babies are to die for!
  • Hair Accessories:
    • Another thing to worry less about on vacation is what your hair is doing. The turban-style headbands from Zara are my all time favorite for traveling.  So, grab a few of these amazing pieces, pull your hair back and literally go enjoy the beach!

Your bonus item is possibly the best creation ever made for a beach vacation and that is the Dry Bag Case Cover. With this little piece of magic, you can capture fun moments or simply play music while you float away into the ocean. Not only does it keep your phone dry, but it is also great for keeping your credit cards and cash dry. That way you never have to make those trips back to the room to grab money. The best part is it’s priced under $10 at Walmart. I hope this list helps you enjoy your next beach vacation. You deserve to experience every moment of it!