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7 Days Vegan….and Counting

I am one of those people who didn’t believe love weight was real until I gained 30 pounds after falling for an amazing guy.  I woke up one day extremely happy but I could no longer fit my weight-gaging jeans. You know the ones! We all have that one pair of jeans that tells us where we are in life. Well, my jeans are a 12-year-old pair of distressed GAP boyfriend jeans. One day I went to put them on and I couldn’t pull them over my thighs and I cried real tears with the common thoughts… “When did this happen? How did I get fat? What am I going to do?” After I finished my melt-down I went on this spiraling span of diets.  Within the past 6 months, I have literally tried at least 6 different methods of losing weight. I tried the chicken and sweet pea diet (don’t ask), Phentermine (DO NOT TAKE IT), lipo shots, protein shakes, skinny tea (disgusting), water pills, It Works (we’ll talk about this later) and a few other things.  I feel like I’ve tried it all.  The one thing I didn’t try was pretty simple but seemed major, change my eating habits. If I seriously considered taking care of my body, my body would take care of me.

A few months ago I was scrolling on Instagram and I came across a picture of one of my close friends. I stared at the picture for a least 20 seconds. He looked amazing! I called and asked him how he had gotten so thin. He reminded me that he had gone vegan almost a year ago and it really changed his life.  However, I heard “I stopped eating all the things I loved.” LOL – I wasn’t ready to consider the idea, so I tried another one of my fads. A month later I noticed a post from another friend who was explaining how being vegan for 9 months led to a 100-pound weight loss. ONE HUNDRED POUNDS in NINE MONTHS! My attention was captured. I wanted in. So, I reached out to her and asked: “Can you help Darius (my love) and me?”  The timing was perfect because she was in the process of launching Electric Kitchen, a vegan gourmet food delivery service (thank me later). I placed an order and we were literally hooked on the food. The dishes were delicious, but it still wasn’t enough to completely convert us. We just couldn’t get over our Rudy’s Chicken craving. So, in the middle of eating vegan, we would still have meat and dairy. The only problem now was our bodies began to reject the bad foods.

After watching “What the Health”, I was forced to tell myself a harsh truth. If we did not change what we were eating, we would not only never lose weight, but we would continue to be sick from eating foods that literally kill. For the first time in 6 months, I was more concerned with our health more than losing weight. So, I started asking more questions and researching what we could have in addition to Electric Kitchen and what I found was beyond exciting. The girls at EK introduced us to great burgers and amazing hot dogs. I found out we could have our favorite cookies, PANCAKES, ice cream and an array of other yummy foods.  We could have chips and salsa, tamales, pasta, and TACOS! The list goes on and on. The vegan life wasn’t looking so bad after all.  I went to Whole Foods and spent over 2 hours reading labels and ingredients (and texting my vegan friends). I combined what I learned from Electric Kitchen with my own culinary imagination and I successfully completed my first real grocery shopping experience. I am proud to say, we have been completely vegan for 7 consecutive days and we feel amazing.  Not only do we feel amazing but I’m 7 pounds lighter and Darius is 8 pounds lighter. We shifted our focus to treating our bodies better and our bodies are naturally rewarding us by shedding the unwanted pounds. I am sharing this because the truth is if we can do it anybody can.

I am looking forward to sharing all the information I find with you all.  I will update you weekly with amazing vegan recipes and/or my vegan treat of the week. If you’re in the Dallas area and you want a jump start on your lifestyle change, I highly recommend you reach out to Electric Kitchen. The meals are super affordable and the owners are the best. They will literally hold your hand until you get the hang of it all. It is a shocking and difficult change initially, but there is nothing more rewarding than eating an entire meal and not feeling like your body is angry with you.  Below is a delicious recipe for the vegan version of my infamous pancakes.

My vegan treat of the week is Nabisco’s Ginger Snaps. It’s my favorite cookie and I still cannot believe they are VEGAN! I call that a serious win. If you’ve taken the vegan plunge comment below and tell me what your favorite treats are. Have an awesome day everyone and remember to be good to you!

Neki’s Vegan Pancakes

1 cup Aunt Jemima Original Pancake Mix

1 cup of unsweetened almond milk (I use 1.5 cups because I like thinner cakes)

1/3 cup of unsweetened apple sauce

1/2 teaspoon of pure vanilla

1 tablespoon of oil (grapeseed oil)

Add oil to frying pan and turn on medium heat. Mix all ingredients until the batter is smooth. Add batter to hot oil, this makes pancakes both crispy and fluffy. Flip pancakes to the other side once you see the batter start to solidify (bubbles). Cook an additional minute or two, add butter and serve with fresh fruit and/or berries.


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    August 17, 2017

    Mekhi, this is awesome! I gave up meat and dairy for 5 days and quit but I’m going to give it another try and incorporate vegan, healthier foods. Thanks for sharing!

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    August 17, 2017

    This is inspiring and peaking my interest and been contemplating though not ready to commit yet ! Will keep track of your journey… Thanks for sharing and Good luck !

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    August 17, 2017

    Great blog post. I tried being a. Pescatarian for six months last year just to drop weight for a trip, I really enjoyed it. I had so much more energy. However, vegan is a lifestyle I want to try because I really find it hard to eat anything these days with out considering health issues. In 2017 to be a vegan seems more promising with so many resources. Thanks so much for the inspiration!