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Life In Ruins – The Girl Who Still Wears Pantyhose

  • Neki Bosh
  • Style
  • Feb 1, 2017

Have you ever wondered when it was appropriate to wear pantyhose? Ever stood in your closet debating whether or not you could “get away with it”?  Did you have one of those mothers who didn’t give you an option?  Welcome to the club of Women Who Wear Pantyhose or WWWP for short. (Disclosure: Not a real club.)

When I was growing up wearing a skirt or dress without a slip and pantyhose was unheard of! My mother did not negotiate and it was not going to be debated. I had no choice.  I was going to wear a slip and pantyhose with my dresses and skirts according to house rules. As I’ve gotten older, fashion has changed…and then again.  But, to be honest, I still wear pantyhose more often than not. *blushing* I never stopped.  Some dresses and outfits require them, but we must also consider the fact that the panty hose of today are much smarter and serve multiple purposes. They not only help complete the lady-like look, but they also control all the things we need to control.  NOT TO MENTION: Men LOVE pantyhose.  I’ve heard so many men say “there is noting sexier than a woman in pantyhose”.  So, in summation you get to feel like a lady, you get extra control for those areas all of us have AND you get to please your man.  I don’t think there’s more convincing you. I honestly believe pantyhose will always be relevant….at least for me, my mother and Beyonce.

(Congrats to Beyonce on her amazing pregnancy announcement. I speak for all of the Bey Hive when I say, “We’re having twins!!!”

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February 1, 2017